Sades X-power Wired Gaming Headset with 5.1 Surround Stereo Sound

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The key to successful domination starts with the UPGRADED and IMPROVED SADES Power. The Official SADES Power built with outstanding Powerful 50MM 5.1 stereo speaker that includes our own proprietary Max full Stereo Sound features, and that has Powerful and UPGRADED HI-FI sound channels driver, delivers well defined clear trebles at 5.1 stereo speaker-just great and clear Surround Sound Stereo Channels for you to enjoy. The Official SADES Power comes with flexible-bendable noise canceling microphone. Comfort gaming is delivered with seamless headset adjustable levels that stretch up to 9 different levels. The Official SADES Power provides extremely soft leather padding to exceed expectations of comfort during longer gaming hours. Durability in the cable line is an issue that SADES Power addresses with a 9 foot long cable; we bumped up the toughness of the cable for better quality and longer lasting use of the headset. And of course there are those stylized LED lights included in both the ear cups. Indeed, the Official SADES Power is a one of kind gaming headset. Video is available at SADES.USThis official Upgraded SADES Power gaming headset offered by us, the SADES brand and Amazon