Sades Spellond Braided Fiber Wired Gaming Headset with 7.1 Vibration Stereo Sound and Noise Cancelling Mic

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The SADES Spellond upgraded sound card, quality, build and comfort headset. Nothing says unique like the SADES Spellond. With shield shape ear cups, you’re guaranteed pure gaming experience. The SADES Spellond is built with leather padding on the ear cups and headband for hours of gaming comfort. With a braided fiber cable that equals to almost 10 feet long, the SADES Spellond can almost travel wherever you go. Continuing with the shield design, the SADES Spellond offers a shield designed volume control center with mute buttons for your microphone and sound. Built with TUNGSTEN STEEL the SADES Spellond offers extreme durability for longer lasting use. With 7.1 surround sound channels, the audio levels for your games will be amazing. Also including a very unique feature “Vibration”, combining the 7.1 audio and vibration setting gives you the ultimate live gaming action in your ears. The SADES Spellond also includes a hidden noise canceling microphone built into the ear cup for easier storage and clear communication. The SADES Spellond also includes LED lights options for the ultimate design style. Ready to take your ears to the next level for gaming headsets TODAY! Video is available at SADES.USThis official Spellond gaming headset offered by us, the SADES brand and Amazon