Sades Snuk Wired Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround Stereo Sound with Adjustable Noise Cancelling Mic

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The new and upgraded SADES SNUK is equipped with our proprietary Upgraded and Dynamic Powerful booster speakers with our ADVANCED FULL HD 7.1 VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND CHANNELS ENGINE provides with high-precision sound source and vibration sound effects connected through USB. The upgraded SADES SNUK also includes an awesome noise canceling microphone that provides you with clear communication to your teammates. The upgraded SADES SNUK has OVER 23 different adjustable levels to fit on your head perfectly for hours of gaming comfort. To exceed expectations on comfort gaming, the upgraded SADES SNUK also includes leather padding in both the ear cups and the crucial pressure points on the head. Durability is at its best combined with SMART ENGINEERING and SMART STYLISH DESIGN. The new and upgraded SADES SNUK equipped with a braided fiber cable that equals to almost 10 feet long eliminating any static effects and delivers great sound. The new and upgraded SADES SNUK comes with “smart and user friendly” remote to operate, of-course, additional fun option is always a great thing to have, with the LED lights easily controlled by the remote ensure fun and easy gaming experience, video is available at SADES.USThis official upgraded SADES Sunk gaming headset offered by us, the SADES brand and Amazon