HUHD Fiber-Optical Wireless 2.4ghz Stereo Gaming Headsets Over-Ear Headphones for Xbox 360 PS4 With Detachable Microphone, Digital Audio(Blue)

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When you are using XBOX ONE, your console need a kinect, your chatting voice is collected by build-in microphone in Kinect to your gaming partner, if no kinect, you need a Microsoft XBOX ONE adaptor, connect headset and adaptor with our attached 3.5mm to 2.5mm XBOX cable, then plug the adaptor into XBOX ONE controller(Kinect/Adaptor not included in package)

Working voltage:5V
Working current:75mA
Frequency range:2.400-2.483GHZ
Frequency space:2MHz
Transmitter rate:8dB
Receiving/transimit distance:10M,360°
Receiving Sensitivity:-85dB
Working voltage:3.5-4.2V
Working current:75mA
Lithium battery:1200mAh
Working hours:15h
Charging time: 5h
Frequency range:2.400-2.483GHZ
Frequency space:2MHz
Transmitter rate:3dB
Sampling frequence:48KHz
Modulate mode:GFSK
Receving sensitivity:-85dB
Speaker impedanece:32Ω
Frequency rsponse:20-20KHz
Microphone size: 6.0*2.7mm
Microphone sensitivity:-52dB
Microphone direction:Omni directional
Microphone frequency response:100Hz-8KHz

Packing contents:
1PCS x Transmitter
1PCS x Wireless headset
1PCS x 3.3.5-2.5 cable
2PCS x USB-USB Micro cable
1PCS x Fibre-optical cable
1PCS x Detachable Microphone
1PCS x Manual guide

What you need(not included in the box)?
a. Microsoft Adaptor or Kinect needed when you using the headset for Xbox One
b. Fiber Converter is necessary when you use the headset on old version of Xbox 360.
c. HDMI to Optical Converter is needed when used for Xbox 360 E

To elimitate cutting in and out,robotic sound cause by transmission interrupttion with your WIFI & bluetooth device, please:
* Try using cable internet connection for console/PC
* Limited the use of bluetooth devices
* Place the transmitter dongle as far away from console as possible

HW-398 is a multi-plateform used for PS4/3,Xbox 360, PC, TV and Xbox one(If you have Microsoft adpater),You can hear both game and chat sounds through headsets courtesy of the special circuit design and built-in amplifier. Hear chat in real-time overlaid with stereo game sounds.